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Monday, April 6, 2009

Irish Easter Traditions - Handmade Hot Cross Buns

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For me, one of the unmissable parts of the Irish Easter Tradition is the making of (and eating) homemade hot cross buns. For those who arent familiar with the notion, hot cross buns are soft, doughy spiced buns made with mixed fruit and topped with a dough cross. As part of a (lets be frank, Irish Catholic) Easter celebration they are eaten toasted with a little butter (or just plain) throughout the easter period, in particular on Good Friday.

The symbolism of the cross on the top of the bun, in Christian countries, is of the cross and the cruxifiction, and they are eaten on Good Friday as a rememberence of this. Some say that the idea of eating small crossed cakes dates back to pagan roots, when Saxons ate them to celebrate the moon goddess Eostre.

Make your own hot cross buns using our simple recipe below! Yum!

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