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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Harry Potter Irish Connection

July 15th saw the release of the widely anticipated sixth installment of the Harry Potter series - and the "Half Blood Prince" certainly does not disappoint. With a host of excellent young actors and actresses, we have watched the stars of the films grow up before our very eyes - someone whos just coming into her own in this film however is our very own Evanna Lynch. Lynch is the wide eyed fragile blonde who plays the magical " Luna Lovegood" (pictured here from the "Half Blood Prince", gotta love that girls style!)

For the full breakdown on Lovegood, check out her bio page on the Harry Potter Wiki site

Check out this interview with Evanna on Irelands national station RTE, where she gives her unique insight of the Potter saga. A big thumbs up to Lynch for a wonderful performance, watch out for this lady, she is an amazing emerging Irish talent!

Lovelambie are doing their bit for for Ravenclaw and for Luna 'Loony' Lovegood with their one of a kind Nargle wristwarmers/cuffs/mini gauntlets!

Luna is the kooky and mysterious but fiercely brave friend of Harry Potter - and the Nargles are the creatures that only she ever seems to see, causing mischief and mayhem in their wake. Legend says that Nargles live in mistletoe berries, and as you can see on this design, we have a pair of these cheeky chappies peeping out from behind some mistletoe. Bring their magic with you everywhere you go by having these little critters sitting on your wrists!

Woven from fabulous chunky wool and pure wool strands - in magical purples, blues and greys, they measure 3.5 inches long and 4.5 inches wide (double for entire length around). If you need smaller or bigger ones just let me know and ill design a custom size for you.

These cuffs are adorned with a set of handmade Nargle buttons - to our own unique design, in a dark purple colour.

As with the real thing, each set of Nargle buttons are slightly different and unique, but all to the same design.

Make your friends green with envy this summer and get yourself a pair of Nargle wristwarmers - wear them when you go and see "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince"! Does Luna Lovegood remind you of one of your friends? why not get them a pair as a fantastic unique present?

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